Haiku is a dog who hates music. When records are playing, she wants you to turn the volume down. And if you pick up a guitar and start strumming it, she gets wild and not in the good way. She’ll bark and attack the strings or the fingers to make it stop. But once in a while there are moments when she just calms down and listens. That’s when Haiku approves music and you know you really have something great going on. It’s not about the genre, it’s all about the great songs – and trusting animal instincts.


World Without

Killer combination of modern metal, thrashy pop and hardcore vocals which leaves you in a need of an exorcist.

Iron Beat

More info coming soon...


WORLD WITHOUT: LIGHT EP – out on September 24th

IRON BEAT: MITEN NÄIN KÄVI -single – out on October 15th


If you have something that needs Haiku’s approval, hit a message:

Visa-Matti Uimonen / visu.uimonen@gmail.com or haikuapprovesmusic@gmail.com