World Without is a killer combination of modern metal, thrashy pop and hardcore vocals which leaves you in a need of an exorcist. Screams of an angry devil and singing of a high school choir boy creates a fascinating contrast that’ll haunt your soul.

A new metal group based in Helsinki, Finland, the four-piece band comes from a vast background of renowned metal acts such as Stratovarius, For The Imperium and Kromea. Although the band packs a lot of firepower skill-wise, it all comes down to great songwriting and real-life stories behind lyrics.

In World Without’s music you can hear influences from metal legends like Slipknot and In Flames to more modern giants like Bring Me The Horizon and Killswitch Engage. Aggressiveness combined with the band’s wide spectrum of talent and vision create an unique and catchy mix of metal music which anyone can latch on to. The stories behind the music are statements of failed relationships, anxiety and weltschmerz.

  • Ville Suorsa (ex-For the Imperium) – Lead vocals, guitar
  • Aleksi Villberg (Kromea) – Guitar, background vocals
  • Pekka Rajamäki – Bass, background vocals
  • Rolf Pilve (Stratovarius, Smackbound) – Drums

World without - LIGHT EP


World Without has already released two singles, I, Exorcist and A World Without Light, which were added to big Spotify playlists New Metal Tracks, New Blood and Metallia Suomesta (Metal from Finland) and gathered 50.000 streams already.

Including the mentioned two singles and two previously unreleased songs, Light EP is about relationships through and through. About how you treat people. Being a decent person is a forever ongoing process and if you stray away from the path of constantly developing yourself, you’re gonna suck as a friend and a companion. 

Light EP is heavy and relentless but at the same time melodic. Aggressive metal, in-your-face riffs and guitar solos will make your head bang like hell. The pop elements provide a contrast and more surface to grab onto. 

Lead singer, guitarist and songwriter Ville Suorsa shared his thoughts on the EP: “I was pretty raw when I wrote the music and I think you can hear it. Even feel it. This EP is for people getting over breakups, dealing with complex relationships and sometimes having a hard time looking at the mirror. It’s loaded with anger, uncertainty and self-loathe but it’s also a reminder that things tend to get better over time. That’s why we named it ‘Light’”.

The sequel for the EP is expected to be released in the spring 2022.


A World Without Light is a song about people’s unique inability to see eye to eye with each other. After the idea for the text came about, I wanted the song to have a “The Heretic Anthem”-ish violent intro and from then on the piece kinda just wrote itself”, singer and guitarist Ville Suorsa sheds a little light on the origins of the song.


I, Exorcist criticizes humankind’s compulsive need to proclaim one’s belief system over everyone else’s. “Live and let live” is the essential message that the song carries. Blending aggressive metal with catchy melodies, the song is a powerful display of songwriting and musical craftsmanship.


”I remember that writing the lyrics to this song hurt like a motherfucker. Now I see that period of time as a necessary reverse boost for my ego and a really valuable lesson regarding to how I should treat the one’s I claim to love. Musically we just did what the text needed. This one’s a little bit poppier and more production-heavy than our other songs and I think that’s a part you’re gonna hear more of alongside the heavy stuff.”



”I Am The Knife is one of the first songs I wrote for the band. It’s simultaneously a rant about people treating each other like shit and a paradox of me blaming everyone for the same mistakes I’ve made time and time again. It’s a song about reaching your breaking point. You know the feeling when life has a firm chokehold on you and you’re about to pass the out? That’s the feeling we’re trying to emulate with this song.”

WORLD WITHOUT background

After a few albums in a major label, tours in UK, Italy, Baltics and Sweden with his former band For the Imperium, Ville Suorsa felt like he had nothing more to give to the metal scene and quit the band.

For several years Ville worked with various groups and Finnish artists but something was missing and the hunger for creating own material started to surface again.

A bad breakup from a long-term relationship drove Ville to write songs about the anxiety that followed and weltschmerz in general. Realizing he had rediscovered his passion for writing aggressive metal music, Ville formed a band from kickass fellow musicians and hit the studio.

In early 2020 an album was finished but COVID-19 made the plans of releasing it and touring impossible. Finally they grew tired of waiting for the situation to change for the better and decided to divide the full-length album to two EP’s.

Early 2021 World Without signed a record deal with Haiku Approves Music which will release said two EP’s – first in September 2021 and the second in early 2022. The band is constantly writing new material.

World without future

Light EP will be out on September 24th. After that you can expect to here new material every six weeks and a sequel EP will be out in spring 2022.

World Without is currently looking for partners to share World Without’s future – agents, managements, labels etc: JOIN US AND CONQUER THE WORLD WITH US!


Find more content like playthrough videos, music videos, pics etc from World Without’s social media platforms.

World without DOWNLOAD

Please feel free to download LIGHT EP in wav-format, cover art, metadata, lyrics and press release (English & Finnish) and photos from the link below!


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